Nothing Matters, Everything Matters

To live with the complexity of the modern world requires a capacity to live with paradox. To live a spiritual life requires this even more.

One of the fundamental paradoxes of the spiritual life is this: Nothing matters, everything matters. Living deeply or spiritually involves a sense of non-attachment. We know that things don’t always go the way we would want, and we have some acceptance about this. In part, we accept this because we know that what we want is not necessarily always the wisest or the best. Our insight is too limited to believe otherwise. This is not a matter of indifference or callousness, but a warm-hearted understanding, an acceptance and surrender to the many aspects of life that are beyond our control.

At the same time, there is a deep, tender concern for everything and everyone, even for things, situations, and people we don’t like. Every bird we encounter, every leaf and stone, every blade of grass or flower, every person is precious. We know that we can’t control them or their fate, but we hold them in our hearts nonetheless.

Nothing matters.

Everything matters.

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