Meditation in Daily Life

We tend to think of meditation solely as the time we spend on our meditation cushion. While that is important, it is not the only aspect of meditation. Perhaps not even the most important part.

Practicing deep, compassionate listening is meditation. Practicing kind, loving speech is meditation. Contemplating the clouds, the blue sky, the trees, the river, the shining eyes of a child is meditation. Taking good care of our anger, our sadness, and yes also our joy and happiness is meditation also.

Perhaps the most important moment of seated meditation is the moment when we ring the bell to end our sitting. Do we form an intention then to bring the meditation from the cushion to our daily life? Or do we think, I’m done: I can check the box for having meditated today and just move on in the same old way?

If the latter, we are missing the true power of meditation.

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