Find Your Path

Find Your Path

When we have a path, we are safe. Whatever happens, we just continue on our path. We know where we are going, even when difficulties arise. And when good things arise, we enjoy them without losing ourselves in them.

We know that the nature of life is that things do not always go as we would like them to go. Even good things do not always go smoothly and easily. But if we have a path, we have a way of relating to both the good things and the challenging things. We just make our way.

If our path is mindfulness, we continue to be mindful as best we can. We may be very distressed by difficulties, but we don’t lose our way. Our job is to remain mindful and clear and kind. When good things arise, we remain with ourselves. When painful things arise, we remain with ourselves. We know what to do and what to avoid doing.

Whtever our path is, even if it is a path that bears no name and is one that we have hammered out for ourselves, so long as it gives us a positive sense of direction and is not merely opposed to other things, it can serve.

To have a path is fortunate.

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