We go about happiness the wrong way.

The way we normally approach happiness is by focusing on what is lacking.  Theres a list in our heads of things we need in order to be happy.  We feel that, without those things, happiness is not possible.

That list is actually a prescription for non happiness.  It will never make us happy, because even if we get some of those things, our enthusiasm for them will wane over time.  Plus, we are always adding to the list!

Instead, we can learn in each moment and circumstance to come back to the present moment, and appreciate the miracles available to us.  First, we are alive.  To be alive is already a miracle.  Our heart is beating, our eyes and ears are working, we are breathing.  We can always enjoy our breathing.  We can smile and breathe and appreciate the blue sky, or the clouds, or the rain.  We can appreciate the quiet, or the sounds of friends and loved ones.  We can appreciate the eyes and laughter of a child.  There are always wonders around us and within us. 

Of course, life has difficulties and disappointments.  We dont need to deny these.  Only, dont let the pain obscure the miracles. 

And miracles are always present.