Mindful Therapy

   Psychotherapy is a unique experience.  It is built, first of all, on a good human relationship with a therapist.  What makes this unique is that the focus remains on the client.  In order to facilitate a real connection or to provide a different perspective, therapists may disclose information about themselves, but never to the extent that it changes this focus.  This differentiates the therapy experience from all other human interactions. 

   Most people benefit from psychotherapy.  For many, it is a deeply transformative experience.  Some findings suggest that the longer one stays in therapy, the greater the change.

   While people learn new perspectives and new ways of handling difficulties in therapy, these things are often available in books and videos.  What makes therapy unique is that insight and tools grow out of the relationship, rather than being generic techniques for everyone.  The primary healing lies in the ongoing relationship itself.

   Dr. Bien practices psychotherapy from a mindfulness perspective.  Therapy is a kind of “mindfulness for two.”  Mindfulness helps us find our way through difficulties, but sometimes our own mindfulness lacks the power to do this on our own at first.  By having a therapist add his or her mindfulness to ours, we can do this more easily.  In this type of therapy, you learn how to be present to difficulties in a unique way, neither repressing them nor allowing ourselves to drown in them.

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